My healing journey began in 1994 at 20 years of age when I was diagnosed with severe colitis and depression.  The solutions offered by modern medicine were a colostomy bag and anti-depressants which were totally unacceptable to my entire being.  This place of pain put me on a path that would forever change my life and lead me to the discovery of the healing power of herbs, food and meditation. Within five months my colitis was completely healed and positive thoughts began to take over.  

The desire to learn more about Natural Medicine and help others to heal, motivated me to seek a teacher and I was guided to the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, Colorado where I studied and served as an apprentice with Farida Sharan, ND, graduating with diplomas in Iridology, Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy.  During my healing transformation I also recovered from drug and alcohol addiction and an eating disorder.

Presently, I provide a safe and loving environment for those seeking personalized guidance to begin their healing transformation by helping them to understand their unique inner ecology, align oneself with nature’s healing rhythms, and empower self-healing through education.