I offer personal consultations for those seeking to improve the quality of their life with a desire to become independently healthy. Understanding yourself through health education and taking personal responsibility for physical or emotional imbalances invite soulful changes that can sustain life’s ongoing challenges with grace and balance.

I utilize the following methods:


Iridology interprets the map of your unique inner ecology, through the iris, which reveals how the body functions. An iris shows constitution type; strengths and weaknesses; toxic accumulation; nutritional imbalances; inflammation; over and under activity of glands, organs and systems; and tissue degeneration. Learn more about Iridology


Herbs stimulate and support our body's natural process of purification, regeneration and transformation, by providing superior nutrition for the entire body to achieve harmonious health function.


Flower essences restore harmony to our emotions by helping us to recognize and rid ourselves of limiting and destructive patterns of behavior. Made with flowers that are infused in water by the sun, they provide a language that helps us to understand our inner world and the ways we respond to life.  


Healing foods are vital when trying to restore balance within the body. Eating fresh, organic, pure foods combined with simple meal plans will provide essential nutrients on a daily basis, for optimal healing.